headset for iPhone x/8plus/11/i7/6p/xr wired seven or eight — only $10 !

Suitable for Apple x headset iPhone original 8plus/11/i7/6p/xr in-ear XS/MAX mobile phone iPhonex earplugs 6s/7 flat head lightning genuine ipad wired seven or eight


The earphones are simple and generous in packaging, good-looking, cost-effective and cheap. The sound quality is super good and the sound reproduction is high. The video call sound is clear. The sound insulation effect is particularly good, and the wearing is particularly comfortable, you can start if you like it!


The sound quality of Apple headphones is simply great, listening to songs is very interesting, watching movies is a sense of substitution. The sound quality is very good, it is very clear for karaoke, the line control is very sensitive, and the price is very close to the people, the price is very high, I like it! ! !


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